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We provide tactical guidance and response to critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges.

It’s about the difference between disruptive and destructive.

Critical unplanned and time-sensitive challenges threaten your growth, revenue, operations, innovation and advancement. They happen to the best of projects and businesses.

And those challenges are exactly what Collin Tactical is uniquely successful in addressing.

There’s no reason to get bogged down and every reason to get help that’s both fast and proven.

Collin Tactical, Inc.’s leaders have helped create $billions in new revenue and saved companies from severe to catastrophic losses. We’ve even helped protect hundreds of millions of lives along the way.

Why Get Help With Your Critical Unplanned, Time-Sensitive Challenges?

– What would be the outcome if your challenge is unaddressed, or if you don’t have the available resources to address it?
– How would that impact your business today or in one year?
– How would that impact the company’s ability to accomplish its priorities?

Also Getting Help:
– Is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness
– Prevents Loss of CEO/CXO Productivity
– Prevents Wasting Time on the Destructive “Flame of Blame”
– Helps Lean and Specialized Workforces Focus on Day-to-Day Requirements

Selected Critical Unplanned, Time-Sensitive Challenges We've Addressed For Organizations

No two situatiuons are exactly alike — and the range we address is both broad and deep.

A Barbell Market

Lifting The Middle of a Barbell Market

Competitive disruption from larger, better-financed companies and low-cost importers threaten a small company in the center of a classic barbell market.
read more
Satellites in Space

Solving with Soft Power

With a shrinking budget, NASA needed to innovate faster, better and do more with less.
read more
Scientist with Microscope and Tablet

Saving an Organization When Tradition is Everything

A scientific research organization was existentially threatened by plummeting customer retention and revenue decay.
read more
Confused Restaurant Staff

Inhospitable Hospitality Pummels Revenue/Market Share

At a Point of Sale ("POS") manufacturer and seller, growth, revenue and market share were collapsing.
read more
TV Monitor Wall

Network Television Gets Disrupted

Disrupted by technology companies, millions of viewers and $billions in ad revenue are being siphoned out of the traditional broadcast television industry.
read more
Costs Threatening Business Model

Costs Threaten Business Model

Supply chain costs created an unsustainable business model, threatening ongoing operations of a business unit within a Fortune 500 professional information and analysis publisher.
read more
Tiny Competing against Huge

Disruption By Larger Competitors

Large competitors were increasingly disrupting and out-maneuvering our client's smaller sales force, threatening revenue and continuing operations.
read more
CyberTerrorism -- Coined and Studied by Barry Collin

Predicting, Defining and Preventing CyberTerrorism

When you coin the word, the concept, and lead the effort to protect against it, the responsibility for addressing it becomes monumental.
read more

What To Do Now to Address Today's Challenges

Collin Tactical's Advantages for Clients

Helping Address Your Critical Unplanned, Time-Sensitive Challenges

Highly Specialized: Wholly unique in exclusively addressing critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges.

Industries: Our work spans virtually all industries and verticals.

Results: Helped create and protect $billions for companies and business units globally.

Real-World and Proven: Research- and innovation-based, with highly-developed, proprietary, proven and continually-refined approaches, systems and execution mechanisms.

Only The Best, Only What You Need: Your engagement is only serviced by our leadership. No costly armies of low-level associates telling you what you already know.

Never One Size Fits All: Each engagement is custom — there are no forced templates.

Rolled-Up Sleeves and No-Nonsense: We are 100% hands-on and 0% fluff/consultant-speak.

No Risk Engagement: If you’re unhappy early with our engagement and we can’t make it right, you pay no fees and our NDA remains intact. That confidence comes from our track record of client success (we’ve never had a client cancel).

Quick Guide to the Engagement Process:
How We Help You Get Back To Good

  1. Submit an Assistance Inquiry.
  2. We set up and have an appropriately secure and confidential initial teleconference.
  3. We determine if Collin Tactical, Inc. can properly address your critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges.
  4. If so, we agree on next steps specific and customized to your particular situation.
  5. We begin work carefully helping address your critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges, with highly specialized consulting, advisory and response.
  6. To minimize risk, in the unlikely event (and has never happened) and within a stated time period you are not satisfied with our performance, you pay zero fees and we part ways amicably. Our NDA remains intact.
  7. At the conclusion of our engagement, you continue on your success trajectory. (We can also remain engaged on an as-needed basis for any follow-up issues.)
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