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COVID-19 Update: Collin Tactical is 100% rapid response operational.

We have always had protocols for CBRN and other situations. There are no service interruptions expected.

Note that during today’s Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) disruption, rivals may find it an opportune time to launch grey zone attacks. Keep information flowing between departments, agencies and ministries, and seek patterns between any incidents.

Contact us with any new concerns or questions.

Be healthy, safe, and remain whole-of-government vigilant.

Barry C. Collin
CTI Chief Response Architect

Rapidly Mitigate and Counter
Evolving Grey Zone Attacks

through Collin Tactical's Proven Expertise, Guidance and Immediately-Actionable Presentations+Simulations for State Military, Executive, Legislative and Judicial Organizations Internationally (Some Restrictions)

Clarity on Grey Zone Attacks

Great Powers, Peers and Near-Peers, Extremist Groups and Lone Wolves can now easily disrupt, destabilize and damage life, sovereignty, the military and the economy. They influence, intimidate and undermine state interests.

Using digital augmentation, rivals can break through the confines of the cyber domain and affect the physical world.

The methods can be combination of kinetic and non-kinetic. The attacks may begin small — sometimes difficult to notice at first, or attribute to an attack. Then they can escalate.

Grey Zone incursions aren’t simply computer hacking. Often employing psychological operations, these attacks increasingly exploit your own technologies, private sector and civilians.

The attacks span the Political, Air, Land, Maritime, Cyber and Space domains.

New digital capabilities and connections added to life-affecting systems provide new targets as well.

All Domains

Beyond the appeal of comparatively low cost, digitally-augmented grey zone attacks make it possible for rivals to project power from afar.

Without proper response from the target, grey zone attacks reduce opposition and defense opportunities from the target and the international community.

The attacks fall short of how we traditionally described the threshold of conventional war. That ambiguity creates complexity in respect to your national laws.

This also creates challenges for response and rival engagement.

Grey zone methods and weapons are new and continually refined. But their goals are timeless:

Disrupt – Disorient – Degrade – Destabilize – Destroy.

Against grey zone attacks, Collin Tactical exists to help you rapidly protect lives, operations, sovereignty and your economy.

Specific. Individualized. Immediately Actionable.
Helping Your State's Professionals Rapidly Respond Internally and Externally to Your Specific Grey Zone Attacks

Training Audience

Collin Tactical’s mission is to help your State’s Military, Department, Agency and Ministry professionals rapidly:

1) understand your grey zone attacks
2) make the correct decisions
3) plan the appropriate responses
4) mitigate any damage from the attacks
5) counter the attacks by multiple means
6) create effective policy and capabilities to address further attacks

[Your state may not consider itself at war. But grey zone attacks mean your rival does.]

Wherever your professionals are located, and appropriate to their mission and duties,
Collin Tactical can uniquely help your Military, Executive, Legislative and Judicial Organizations
Rapidly Respond to Grey Zone Attacks

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Note: Collin Tactical can only work with properly authorized representatives of non-OFAC sanctioned states.

See our operational restrictions.

2020 Update

Built on Globally-Proven and Continuous Research Over Three Decades

Collin Tactical now helps states address 60 grey zone attacks and rival’s goals:

Attack GoalDescription
Agreements and TreatiesDiscarding of Agreements and Treaties including economic and protective/defense
Civil ConflictManipulation or creating Civil Conflict
Civil UnrestManipulation or creating Civil Unrest
Communications, Fragmented PolicyManipulation through Fragmented, Deceptive or Confusing Policy Communications (for example, Twitter)
Composite AttacksComposite Attacks (for example, Hybrid Warfare)
ConflictThird party attack during a period of Conflict
Controls and Access, DigitalChanges to Technology and Information Controls and Access
Corruption, Government and Private SectorAttacks through Government and Private Sector Corruption
Crime and ViolenceViolence and Crime driven internally or externally
Culture or TraditionsAttack on imposed change in Culture or Traditions
CurrencyManipulation or attack on Currency
Cyber Political WarfareCyber Political Warfare
DataCompromise of Data
Debt, SovereignAttack on Sovereign Debt
Defensive PostureImposed change in Defensive Posture
Descent, State/Government StatusState/Government Status descent (for example, Strong to Weak to Failed)
Economy or Economic SubsetAttack on the greater Economy or Economic Subset
False FlagFalse Flag attacks for distraction, development of conspiracy theories, and citizen manipulation
Food SecurityAttack on Food Security
Fresh Water SecurityAttack on Fresh Water Security
Government InstitutionsManipulation to create Cynicism of Government Institutions
Health and Access to CareAttack on Population Health and Access to Care
Hearts and MindsManipulation of key Hearts and Minds
Imports or ServicesChange in external critical Imports or Services
Industries, Key or Life AffectingAttack against major Industries and specific or key or life-affecting Private Sector companies
Influence and Control, ForeignForeign Influence and Control attacks
Institutions, GovernmentAttack against Government Institutions
InsurgencyNew or protracted Insurgency
Intelligence Gathering and Interpolation, DigitalDigital Intelligence Gathering and Interpolation through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other analytic means
Intergovernmental OrganizationsManipulation of Intergovernmental Organizations
Internet and Telecom ConnectionsAttack against Internet and Telecom Connections passing through land, ocean, land radio and satellite
InterventionsGrand Power and Multi-State Grand Power and Multi-State Interventions or attacks
IsolationismDestructive form of Isolationism
Justice or Administration of JusticeAttacks on Justice or Administration of Justice
Laws, Rules and Regulation, InternationalImposed or change in External or International Laws, Rules and Regulation
Leaders, BusinessAttack against specific Business Leaders
Leaders, Political or Career GovernmentAttack against specific individual or affiliated Political or Career Government Leaders
Lone Wolf, Controls and AccessIncitement and recruiting Terrorist Lone Wolfs
Markets, FinancialManipulation of Financial Markets
MultilateralismCollapse of Multilateralism
National CompetitionNational collaboration replaced by National Competition (for example, "Made Here" initiatives, destructive form of nationalism, etc.)
Political FractureIntra-State Political Fracture
Processes, PoliticalAttack on electoral or other Political Processes
Protection Payments, ForcedForced Protection Payments through Claimed Land, Territorial Waters, etc.
RefugesUnplanned External expatriation of Refuges to borders
Sanctions, EconomicEconomic Sanctions (including Weaponized Tariffs)
Social Media, WeaponizedAttacks via Weaponized Social Media
Standards, TechnicalImposition of Technical Standards
State AllianceState Alliance change
Supply ChainsAttacks on critical Supply Chains
TechnologiesAttack on In-State and dependent External Technologies
TerritorialTerritorial conflicts
Transition, PoliticalThird party attack during a Political Transition
War, ColdCold War
War, HotHot War
War, ProxySingular or multi-state Proxy War
Weapons, NewEmerging arms race in innovative New Weapons (Hypersonic Missiles, Satellite/Space-Based, etc.) including Mass Destruction

    (See the full list)

We also address complex and multiple-attack situations
Contact us to help you clarify your needs

Specifics: How You Can Rapidly Respond to Grey Zone Attacks
With Our Proven Expertise, Guidance
and Immediately-Actionable Presentations+Simulations

How to Rapidly Respond with Collin Tactical


Your Challenge: Grey Zone attacks are based on creating and spreading confusion.

Attacks are deployed across multiple domains and channels simultaneously. Civilians and the private sector may be involved.

Determining exactly what is going on, who is attacking and why can be extremely difficult.

There will almost always be psychological operations. Today they will most likely be aided by social and traditional media.

Digital and physical systems both may be under fire.

All of these attacks are intended to create chaos:  Disrupt – Disorient – Degrade – Destabilize – Destroy.

Our Solution: Rapidly building understanding of the many factors involved is critical for your government professionals. And it must be done at the earliest point possible.

Collin Tactical helps break through grey zone confusion so your professionals can rapidly work to mitigate and counter attacks against your state.

Understanding is one of the best defenses against grey zone attacks. That is why we begin here.



Your Challenge: Traditional response decision making for traditional attacks simply does not work for attacks in the grey zone.

Grey zone attacks are designed to be complex and confusing. They may be multi-pronged, but not seem connected. Attribution may be difficult. They can affect (or appear to arise from) civilians or the private sector. Hence the name “Grey Zone,” to make clear it’s never a pure “black or white” situation.

That means any kind of legal, logistical, military, law enforcement, administrative or other response must be done extremely carefully. That’s why all decision makers must be rapidly informed about the grey zone issues. They must quickly learn and understand how to factor in the unique vagaries and intentional obfuscation before reacting.

Highly-informed decision making is necessary as lives, sovereignty and state success are at risk.

Our Solution: Collin Tactical’s decades of research in the development of grey zone, and in particular technology-enhanced attacks, help ensure that your professionals’ decision making is well informed about new challenges they face.

Our government organization, mission-specific Presentations+Simulations help your professionals make the optimal decisions, rapidly.



Your Challenge: The desire to respond to the grey zone attacks without planning — especially in a traditional response manner — has the likeliest result of being, at best, ineffective. At worst it could be extremely damaging.

The key is grey zone attacks are specifically designed to Disrupt – Disorient – Degrade – Destabilize – Destroy. They frequently target multiple government and private sector/civilian areas.

That requires not only special and informed planning, but coordinated cross-government planning.

Without specific understanding of the lenses that grey zone attacks must be looked through, a response’s planning phase will go wrong. With an incorrect plan, the follow-on steps will likely fail.

Your response plan is clearly more than just project or program management.

Our Solution: Collin Tactical’s Presentations+Simulations help your government professionals build the plans they need.

Plans will span multiple departments, agencies, ministries and the military. Likely it will include steps to work with the private sector as well — a unique aspect of grey zone attacks.

Our mission is to help ensure your professionals develop and deploy plans that can succeed in the face of multiple challenges, conflicting agendas, and limited resources.



Your Challenge: Grey zone attacks are like fires — as you work to put them out, you must also ensure they aren’t spreading.

Once government professionals understand the nature of grey zone attacks and their state’s particular situation, make the hard decisions across multiple topics and plan a response, the next step is to rapidly stop the damage being done by the attacks.

That means: 1) address the current damage, 2) prevent the damage from spreading further, and 3) employ defenses against further damage.

These are the rapid action-focus steps that take place across government. They are likely to involve interaction with civilian and private sector constituencies as well.

Mitigation will be required in political, legislative, legal, media, cyber, economic and other non-physical domains.

Physical domains may include repairs, military and law enforcement actions, fortifications, and more. They will include logistical non-kinetic, and potentially kinetic components.

Our Solution: Collin Tactical’s Presentations+Simulations help your government professionals rapidly respond to grey zone damage and work to prevent it from spreading. It is in these moments lives, operations and quite literally, the future can be saved.



Your Challenge: Once damage from grey zone attacks is mitigated, one of the greatest challenges to face is precisely how to counter grey zone attacks.

Rarely is inaction the answer, though action is very complicated. Internal and external, local and global, physical and cyber, political and logistical issues all come into play.

The number of factors to consider is large, and many will be unprecedented. Due to its constantly changing nature and use of leading edge cyber-augmentation, your state is unlikely to be adequately prepared. Your rival will be aware of your weak points and focus their attacks on those.

Escalation, international law, economics, and considerations of win and loss of life, materiel, and more must be factored in. Countering can be as precarious and dangerous as the attacks they are opposing.

Our Solution: Collin Tactical’s Presentations+Simulations are designed to help government professionals bring the attacks and situation into sharp focus. Clarifying grey zone issues is your greatest responsive weapon, and our mission is to uniquely help provide that capability.

With clarity and the right perspectives, the proper countering efforts can be deployed, with all key considerations in place.



Your Challenge: Once you’ve mitigated damage and appropriately countered your grey zone attack, it’s time to ensure you can properly respond to future attacks.

More than one grey zone attack — or any number of concurrent or staggered attacks — may be planned or pending depolyment.

As the attractiveness of grey zone attacks grows for rivals, developing the abilities to respond will be more important than ever.

You can and should expect more competitive aggression. Not moving forward with lessons learned will prove dangerous to the state in all ways.

Legislation, domestic and foreign policy, military doctrine, training and materiel across your military, departments, agencies and ministries all need to be put in place.

Our Solution: While Collin Tactical focuses on the “fire,” our Presentations+Simulations can provide much of the guidance your state needs to create the effective policies and capabilities you require for the future.

We focus cross-government, to help ensure the forward momentum of preparation and building strength continue. There is rarely a justification for failure to defend. And Collin Tactical’s purpose is to help ensure you do not fail.


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