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What Is Adaptation?

Responding to Geopolitical Dangers always requires some adaptation to survive and succeed.

Businesses that do not adapt to those dangers can suffer grave consequences to operations, and potentially to life and property.

Collin Tactical helps ensure that the right adaptations are made. We also work to ensure the transition is as smooth, minimally invasive and as cost effective as possible.

Learn how we use Adaptation to respond to your Geopolitical Danger



What Is Tactical Diplomacy?

Tactical diplomacy is highly complex and nuanced, requiring more than publicity, communications or typical strategic expertise.

As opposed to lobbying efforts, our diplomatic work is tactical, focusing on speed to get our clients to safety in their business operations.

If this is a Level 2 (Kinetic) Danger, then the priority is saving your people’s lives and property.

Learn how we use Diplomacy to respond to your Geopolitical Danger



What is Stabilization?

Businesses cannot operate under the action of Level 2 (Kinetic) Dangers.

Stabilization is vital when the potential loss of lives, operations and property are clear and present dangers.

When states cannot protect your business from those dangers, we work with appropriate agencies, organizations, companies and individuals to address the situation.

Learn how we use Stabilization to respond to your Geopolitical Danger



What is Relocation-Extraction?

When a business can no longer safely operate due to Level 1 or Level 2 (Kinetic) Dangers, management may consider relocating the business.

That move may be to a new a locality, nation or continent. Relocations of that scale are complex.

For Level 2 Dangers, there can be forces that make relocation dangerous to property and potentially life during the process. We help you respond to those dangers.

Learn how we use Relocation-Extraction to respond to your Geopolitical Danger

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