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Barry provides SMBs to global enterprises with tactical guidance and response to critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges that pose serious business threats.

Barry’s unique approach and systems have led to $billions in challenges addressed, and $billions more in new and projected revenue and market value for SMBs through global enterprises.

Innovative solutions have led to the forming of new ventures, new technology development areas, and domestic and foreign policy on technology issues.

His research and consulting work has also helped protect hundreds of millions of lives in technology-dependent nations along the way.

Barry and his research are cited or chronicled in several hundred books in multiple languages, as well as in peer-reviewed papers and journals and in news media globally.

His work is also frequently taught in major universities’ business, computer and political sciences and engineering programs.

Barry is perhaps most widely known for his critical work as a Senior Research Fellow at a prominent institute using the resources of Stanford University.

Cited throughout industries and academia for coining the term and foundations of “cyberterrorism,” Barry’s focus was the complex intersection of business, emerging digital technologies, computer security, industrial operations, critical infrastructure, public policy and protecting people.

Along with helping his clients address critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges, Barry is a frequent keynote and session speaker.

He is also a passionate educator, being a featured visiting instructor at major universities, the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, the Treasury Executive Institute, and the Air Force Special Operations School.

You can get a sense of Barry by watching his TEDxNASA presentation (below). Not a typical TED presentation, it was custom designed specifically for his audience of over 1,700 NASA scientists, engineers, program professionals and students. The unique TED video was streamed live to 85 countries.

Barry’s other passions include evaluating new leading-edge technologies for their potential value in problem-solving, high-performance automobiles, piano and keyboard composition and performance, and educating future world-changing leaders.

Barry and his wife, a patent-awarded FinTech professional, are based in the Research Triangle Park (NC) area. For speaking engagements, travel origin is based on his schedule.

TEDxNASA: Barry Collin

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