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Above all else, Collin Tactical has an absolute, unwavering mission:

Reduce Malignant Acts To States By Third Parties.

Calling such third parties “rivals” or “competitors” is euphemistic. State leaders try not to use the word “enemy” as that word can be unpalatable. This is particularly true in the grey zone — situations short of hot war.

Less-than-war malignant acts are indeed attacks. Collectively and across all situations and initiators, a good term for grey zone attacks is missing.

Few things can be more serious. But as an organization that has coined terms that have become part of the global lexicon (i.e., CyberTerrorism), we decided to use a colloquialism for the collective attacks that is clear, forceful, but perhaps a little humorous: “Foolery.” Essentially, foolish behavior.

That term does not diminish the situation; it is perfectly descriptive of the actions of these third parties against states. Collin Tactical describes things as they are, because response and life-affecting outcomes depend on it.

We elected to utilize the Greek letter Phi (ɸ). Phi evokes the “F” letter as used in English — the first letter of “Foolery.”

Hence our logo, which is an creative version of Phi overlaid with the international symbol for “NO.” Simply, “No Foolery.”

It represents a most serious and steadfast purpose that embodies every aspect of our work globally. When so much is at stake, foolish behavior by states is dangerous, as it can escalate into something far more costly in terms of lives and more.

Collin Tactical helps states respond to grey zone attacks by great powers, peers and near-peers, extremist groups and lone wolves like no other entity.

We accomplish that by helping ensure your ability to understand, decide, plan, mitigate, and counter attacks today and beyond.

Together we can stop ɸ, and protect lives, sovereignty, economic success and our future. That’s our purpose and duty.

And over decades, it has proven to be the right one.

Questions about our mission or our logo? Contact us.

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