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Barry is CEO of Collin Tactical Inc. He helps established businesses adapt and respond to Geopolitical Dangers.

He specializes in geopolitical risks becoming realities, where large-scale destabilization, destruction and mortality can occur for both businesses and governments.

Barry brings a tactical approach to ensuring the ongoing operations of organizations and the safety of their people.

His unique research, approach and systems have led to $billions in challenges addressed, and $billions more in new and projected revenue and market value for companies of all sizes.

The development of new ventures, new technology development areas, and domestic and foreign policy on national security and technology issues are continuing byproducts as well.

Along the way, Barry’s research and consulting work on protecting nations, critical infrastructure and life-affecting businesses help protect hundreds of millions of lives in increasingly technology-dependent nations.

As a former Senior Research Fellow at a prominent institute utilizing the resources of Stanford University, his focus was the complex intersection of business, digital technologies, computer security, industrial operations and public policy.

He is one of the first professionals to successfully bridge and connect government and multiple private sector industries in a counter-terrorism security effort.

Cited throughout industries and academia for coining the term and developing the concepts of “CyberTerrorism,” Barry’s focus was the complex intersection of business, emerging digital technologies, computer security, industrial operations, critical infrastructure, public policy and protecting people.

It is that work that was perhaps the greatest challenge Barry faced, and what he is most known for.

Barry and his research are cited or chronicled in several hundred books in multiple languages, as well as in hundreds of papers (including peer-reviewed), journals and news media globally.

His work is also frequently taught in major universities’ business, computer science, political science and engineering programs.

Barry was a visiting instructor at strategic U.S. government training facilities including:

  • Joint Military Intelligence Training Center (serving all military branches)
  • Air Force Special Operations School (serving all military branches)
  • Treasury Executive Institute (serving top management of all Department of Treasury bureaus)
  • Naval Amphibious Base (serving U.S. Navy SEALs) in Coronado, California.

At those training facilities for U.S. and international military audiences, he specialized in new and emerging threat training, classes and briefings for field through multi-star generals and heads of agencies.

Barry’s work was used as testimony Capitol Hill (the U.S. legislative branch) as expert testimony (not lobbyist) on protecting critical infrastructure and life-affecting industries.

He also participated in key scenario discussions along with White House (U.S. President) defense advisory personnel.

Along with helping his clients address geopolitical dangers, Barry is a frequent keynote and session speaker.

Barry is also known for his TEDxNASA presentation. Not a typical TED presentation, it was custom designed specifically for his audience of over 1,700 NASA (U.S. space program) scientists, engineers, program professionals and students and streamed live to 85 countries.

He enjoys such presentations as they focus on possibilities beyond geopolitical confines.

Along with professional business affiliations, Barry’s active affiliations include:

  • Stanford Alumni Association, life member
  • PJ Association (U.S. Air Force Pararescue), life member
  • National Tactical Officer’s Association, 23-year member
  • Global Special Operations Forces Foundation

Barry is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

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