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For 2020, Collin Tactical Advises States on Tactical Response to 60 Grey Zone Attacks

Attack GoalDescription
Agreements and TreatiesDiscarding of Agreements and Treaties including economic and protective/defense
Civil ConflictManipulation or creating Civil Conflict
Civil UnrestManipulation or creating Civil Unrest
Communications, Fragmented PolicyManipulation through Fragmented, Deceptive or Confusing Policy Communications (for example, Twitter)
Composite AttacksComposite Attacks (for example, Hybrid Warfare)
ConflictThird party attack during a period of Conflict
Controls and Access, DigitalChanges to Technology and Information Controls and Access
Corruption, Government and Private SectorAttacks through Government and Private Sector Corruption
Crime and ViolenceViolence and Crime driven internally or externally
Culture or TraditionsAttack on imposed change in Culture or Traditions
CurrencyManipulation or attack on Currency
Cyber Political WarfareCyber Political Warfare
DataCompromise of Data
Debt, SovereignAttack on Sovereign Debt
Defensive PostureImposed change in Defensive Posture
Descent, State/Government StatusState/Government Status descent (for example, Strong to Weak to Failed)
Economy or Economic SubsetAttack on the greater Economy or Economic Subset
False FlagFalse Flag attacks for distraction, development of conspiracy theories, and citizen manipulation
Food SecurityAttack on Food Security
Fresh Water SecurityAttack on Fresh Water Security
Government InstitutionsManipulation to create Cynicism of Government Institutions
Health and Access to CareAttack on Population Health and Access to Care
Hearts and MindsManipulation of key Hearts and Minds
Imports or ServicesChange in external critical Imports or Services
Industries, Key or Life AffectingAttack against major Industries and specific or key or life-affecting Private Sector companies
Influence and Control, ForeignForeign Influence and Control attacks
Institutions, GovernmentAttack against Government Institutions
InsurgencyNew or protracted Insurgency
Intelligence Gathering and Interpolation, DigitalDigital Intelligence Gathering and Interpolation through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other analytic means
Intergovernmental OrganizationsManipulation of Intergovernmental Organizations
Internet and Telecom ConnectionsAttack against Internet and Telecom Connections passing through land, ocean, land radio and satellite
InterventionsGrand Power and Multi-State Grand Power and Multi-State Interventions or attacks
IsolationismDestructive form of Isolationism
Justice or Administration of JusticeAttacks on Justice or Administration of Justice
Laws, Rules and Regulation, InternationalImposed or change in External or International Laws, Rules and Regulation
Leaders, BusinessAttack against specific Business Leaders
Leaders, Political or Career GovernmentAttack against specific individual or affiliated Political or Career Government Leaders
Lone Wolf, Controls and AccessIncitement and recruiting Terrorist Lone Wolfs
Markets, FinancialManipulation of Financial Markets
MultilateralismCollapse of Multilateralism
National CompetitionNational collaboration replaced by National Competition (for example, "Made Here" initiatives, destructive form of nationalism, etc.)
Political FractureIntra-State Political Fracture
Processes, PoliticalAttack on electoral or other Political Processes
Protection Payments, ForcedForced Protection Payments through Claimed Land, Territorial Waters, etc.
RefugesUnplanned External expatriation of Refuges to borders
Sanctions, EconomicEconomic Sanctions (including Weaponized Tariffs)
Social Media, WeaponizedAttacks via Weaponized Social Media
Standards, TechnicalImposition of Technical Standards
State AllianceState Alliance change
Supply ChainsAttacks on critical Supply Chains
TechnologiesAttack on In-State and dependent External Technologies
TerritorialTerritorial conflicts
Transition, PoliticalThird party attack during a Political Transition
War, ColdCold War
War, HotHot War
War, ProxySingular or multi-state Proxy War
Weapons, NewEmerging arms race in innovative New Weapons (Hypersonic Missiles, Satellite/Space-Based, etc.) including Mass Destruction

Collin Tactical is a Rapid Response Organization

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Attacks Addressed

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