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Speaking Example: TEDxNASA

This video provides clear insight into the highly-customized presentations we bring to your audiences.

In this event, the audience was the highly technical Space Industry. The purpose was the introduction to innovation required to develop an eventual Space Force.

Presentation Requirement: NASA, United States’ space program, began facing challenges from other countries’ space programs; some from very well funded nations.

Collin Tactical’s Chief Response Architect Barry C. Collin was asked to address NASA’s competitiveness and willingness to innovate in a TEDxNASA presentation.

Solution: Barry found the solution not in budgetary issues, but in actionable advancement of scientific and technological cooperation — and bravery.

Much was simply understanding the unique culture of NASA. It’s the same key understanding we develop to address every department, agency and ministry for defense from grey area attacks.

Audience: This presentation was for 1,700+ engineers, scientists, and business professionals, and streamed live to more than 80 nations.

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Barry C. Collin | TEDxNASA

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