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Civil Conflict

Many states face Civil Conflicts over their history:

  • There are Civil Conflicts raging now in 2019, and more are teetering on entering those conflicts.
  • Civil Conflict is a growing danger today due to violent escalation of Level 1 (non-/less-Kinetic) Intra-State Political Fractures.
  • Some of those states are facing civil conflict exacerbated, facilitated or due to other nations attempting to wage a Level 2 (Kinetic) Insurgency.
  • As Civil Conflicts pit one group of a state’s people against another, the citizen casualties are often extremely high.
  • A Civil Conflict will generally limit your ability to operate, distribute, import or export, market or sell, grow or innovate.
  • Operating a business amidst a Civil Conflict can also be deadly.

Learn how Collin Tactical helps you respond to a Civil Conflict and other geopolitical dangers.

Not the danger you face? See the 12 geopolitical dangers we respond to.

Or, simply contact us and we can discuss your situation with highest priority, discretion and security.

Your safety is our primary concern.

Note: We use the word “kinetic” in our communications as most people find the word “violent” disturbing to read and hear repeatedly. We work to reduce unnecessary stress and fear when possible.

Civil Conflict

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