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Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest is a civilian demonstration that descends into violence:

  • Civil Unrest is often called “civil disobedience” and “riots”, depending on who is labeling them and what are their perspectives.
  • Civil Unrest can occur due to a recent event, decision or other situation, or may be due to a long-brewing issue.
  • The violence can be between civilians and authorities or others acting on behalf of the authorities.
  • The violence can also be brought by third parties and anarchists taking advantage of the situation.
  • Civilians can also do violence against property and other civilians.
  • They often lead to not just vandalism like burning cars and broken windows, but shutting down businesses, ports and transportation, and the inability for employees to reach their workplaces.
  • Serious injury, death and destruction of property can occur on all sides when Civil Unrest overly intensifies.
  • The outcome of Civil Unrest also damages the local economy, and can reduce the credibility and ability of the government to successfully function.
  • Civil Unrest occurs in mature as well as emerging states.
  • Businesses can and do fail due to long-term and even short-term civil unrest.
  • When Civil Unrest becomes aggressive or long-term, we work with companies to find innovative methods for keeping employees safe and productive and the business operational.

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Note: We use the word “kinetic” in our communications as most people find the word “violent” disturbing to read and hear repeatedly. We work to reduce unnecessary stress and fear when possible.

Civil Unrest

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