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Cold War

Cod Wars are reigniting and evolving:

  • “The Cold War” as we knew it was between the Eastern and Western Blocs and spanned 1947-1991.
  • Symbolically, that cold war ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • However there is reason to believe that new and renewed cold war-like issues are developing across multiple nuclear-capable nations.
  • Cold wars exist today between multiple nuclear and not-yet-nuclear armed nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Some state’s efforts to project power over greater geographic areas are inflaming the potential for cold wars as well.
  • While there are occasionally small violent flare-ups, most states endeavor do keep cold wars from igniting into Level 2 (Kinetic) Hot Wars.
  • As ongoing cold wars and emerging/re-emergent cold wars change or grow, they affect the abilities of businesses to operate, sell, transport, and function locally through globally.

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Note: We use the word “kinetic” in our communications as most people find the word “violent” disturbing to read and hear repeatedly. We work to reduce unnecessary stress and fear when possible.

Cold War

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