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Insurgencies today are not just in isolated areas, but increasingly in denser, more mature states:

  • An insurgency is insurrection against your government by people who are not recognized as being “combatants” (military force).
  • Those people may not be official combatants, but they may be heavily armed and acting like a conventional army, and/or may resort to guerrilla warfare.
  • Insurgencies can be broad-based, and as we have seen can go on for years (or decades), decimating the economy and ability of businesses to survive and grow.
  • They are sometimes financed and supported by other states or organizations — what is typically called a proxy war. That can extend the insurgency’s viability.
  • The loss of life in protracted insurgencies is horrific.
  • The ability to operate a business in the midst of an insurgency can range from problematic to impossible.
  • The probability of damage to life and property can be extremely high.

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