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Intra-State Political Fracture

Intra-State Political Fractures are occurring more frequently today:

  • In many to the world’s 125 democracies, political parties are becoming increasingly partisan.
  • That partisanship is generating not just infighting. It is leading to intensely vitriolic and violent divisiveness in the state’s populace.
  • Intra-state political fracturing, if lead through constructive debate, can theoretically lead to more and better ideas for government, and prevents squelching of opposing perspectives.
  • Ideological, religious, ethnic, technological, economic, immigration and myriad other issues drive those factions.
  • Today, those drivers are blending sincere frustration and other more subversive motives.
  • This mixture is driving the interactions from “The Great Debate” into “The Great Hate”.
  • This dangerous behavior is readily observable in both developed and developing nations.
  • Deaths and injuries have occurred in some circumstances due to Intra-State Political Fractures.
  • For businesses, a factious-driven government and populace provides dangers from politically-motivated actions.
    • Examples include:
      • punishing legislation
      • boycotts
      • preference for ideologically-driven competitors
  • “The Great Hate” is more than instability and risk — it’s a clear and present danger to businesses locally, not just politically and globally.
  • Increasingly it can lead to other Level 1 or Level 2 Dangers, specifically Civil Conflict.

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Intra-State Political Fracture

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