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Persecution/Politicide has cost the lives of millions of people globally:

  • Politicide is political cleansing through government-sponsored mass killing of a civilian population’s members who share a political belief or movement.
  • Those that avoid the killings frequently must migrate en masse to another area or state.
  • For businesses, being subjected to politicide would likely mean a perception by the government that key elements of the business support an opposing political political position.
  • Key elements can include the business’s:
    • owners/investors
    • senior management
    • Board of Directors
    • employees
    • customers
    • suppliers
    • partners
    • global connections
    • products and services
    • politicized religious or ideological beliefs
    • previous interactions with the government
    • local/state/international media or other public visibility in relation to the perceived opposition
    • virtually any other key constituency (passively, visibly or actively)
  • Under any circumstances politicide is horrific.
  • How a business can be subjected to politicide can be complex.
  • As this matter is clearly about more than just business operations but life or death, action must be taken immediately.
  • Contact us immediately to help you prevent persecution and politicide.

Learn how Collin Tactical helps you respond to Persecution/Politicide and other geopolitical dangers.

Not the danger you face? See the 12 geopolitical dangers we respond to.

Or, simply contact us and we can discuss your situation with highest priority, discretion and security.

Your safety is our primary concern.

Note: We use the word “kinetic” in our communications as most people find the word “violent” disturbing to read and hear repeatedly. We work to reduce unnecessary stress and fear when possible.


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