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State Alliance Change

State Alliance Changes can be complex:

  • Bi- and multi-lateral state alliances can change quickly or over longer periods.
  • These changes may or not be official or codified.
  • The drivers of those changes are often economic (including trade), security and defense, and ideology.
  • In our current times, those drivers can also include shifts in perceptions of:
    • religion and ethnicity
    • immigration
    • unfair competition
    • technology misuse
    • human rights
    • ideology
    • populism and nationalism
  • Even individual government leadership and political party changes are causing changes in alliances.
  • When states shift (or boldly change) alliances with other states, supply chain, employment, trade and travel issues arise for businesses.
  • This can affect all key stakeholders and put your company at risk of damage or failure.

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State Alliance Change

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