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State/Government Status Descent

State/Government Status Descent is both tragic and dangerous:

  • A healthy state provides defense for it’s populace, as well as other political products including laws, and the means to enforce them and judicial mechanisms for when those laws are violated.
  • Depending on the state, political products can include mechanisms for trade, safety, heath, education and welfare and more.
  • Governments that are not healthy can go through levels of descent due to both internal and external factors.
  • They can drop through general categories like Unstable, Fragile/Weak, Collapsed and Failed.
  • A government in descent can lead to chaos and danger for its populace, and most certainly its businesses.
  • Operating under an unstable government is challenging.
  • Under a collapsed or failed state, living and working is dangerous.
  • State/Gov status descent quickly into a Level 2 (Kinetic) Danger.

Learn how Collin Tactical helps you respond to State/Government Status Descent and other geopolitical dangers.

Not the danger you face? See the 12 geopolitical dangers we respond to.

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Your safety is our primary concern.

Note: We use the word “kinetic” in our communications as most people find the word “violent” disturbing to read and hear repeatedly. We work to reduce unnecessary stress and fear when possible.

State/Government Status Descent

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