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Terrorism is not abating and is now increasingly focused on economic targets:

  • Terrorism can target specific businesses or industries (for example, attacking tanker ships) or businesses in general (for example, the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001 and myriad attacks in commerce sites around the world).
  • In these instances, lives are lost and many companies do not/cannot continue after the attack.
  • There is more to preventing or responding to terrorist threats or actions than resiliency.
  • Our CEO pioneered the systems of (and coined the term) Cyberterrorism — the use of technologies to achieve deadly terrorism outcomes.
  • In that process we have educated and our work is continually disseminated to counter-terrorism professionals and life-affecting industries worldwide.
  • Cyberterrorism was and remains unique in that it is the one kind of terrorism that most impacts the private sector.
  • We thus have unique perspective on the evolving terrorist dangers businesses face today and tomorrow.
  • Whether it’s conventional or Cyberterrorism, the impacts on businesses and their people can be catastrophic.
  • Like all other dangers, terrorism can also affect your employees, supply chain, customers and any of your constituents.
  • Attacks on any of these stakeholders can stall or destroy your business.
  • Collin Tactical works with appropriate agencies globally for response to terrorist dangers.
  • See our Stabilization service for more information.

Learn how Collin Tactical helps you respond to Terrorism and other geopolitical dangers.

Not the danger you face? See the 12 geopolitical dangers we respond to.

Or, simply contact us and we can discuss your situation with highest priority, discretion and security.

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