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Collin Tactical works to reduce casualties, address causalities, stabilize communities and build economies globally.

As Collin Tactical, Inc. helps businesses respond to geopolitical dangers, it is important that governments understand our adherence to domestic and international rules of law, our United States operational restrictions, and our dedication to strong and service-oriented nations.

What Government Leaders Should Know

  • We pioneered the concepts and future of technology in counter-terrorism.
  • That includes coining the term “CyberTerrorism” and its impact on government, critical infrastructure and life-affecting companies.
  • We understand what you face in today’s tumultuous domestic and international stages.
  • Our CEO Barry C. Collin’s work is cited thousands of times for his work in multiple languages globally on government security needs.
  • As a result Collin Tactical, Inc. has its roots in support of strong, service-oriented governments.
  • A strong and service-oriented government helps ensure the safety, security and opportunity for prosperity of its citizens.
  • We know that kind of state success can happen under multiple types of government structures.
  • As such we’re  non-politically or religiously ideological, and non-partisan.
  • We do not ever seek to impose values, approaches or systems on any nation.
  • We never work to subvert governments on behalf of businesses or any third party.
  • Our work is only to continually seek to help businesses adapt to situations in ways that are legal, efficient — and most importantly, effective.
  • We also do not counsel on state-to-state issues, only state-to-business/jobs/economic issues.
  • That is the essence of our Lives and Livelihoods™ approach, in order to protect the people and companies that help create prosperity in the area in which they operate.
  • It is also why we operate our Stabilization and Diplomacy efforts, helping nations ensure their economies grow, are steadfast, and that their governments are able to supply the political products that continue the cycle of national success.
  • Please see our United States Operational Restrictions.

Questions about our work with businesses and governments? Please contact us.

For Governments

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