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Tesla Giga Factory

When Everything Comes Down to One Thing

Image above: Tesla's Lithium Battery Gigafactory Critical External Factor Impact Whatever you do in a service company or whatever you produce in a manufacturing company, sometimes everything comes down to one, critical thing. It's an input, whether people, object or…

CEOs And Politics Today

CEOs and Today’s Political Optics

Preface According to the upcoming Fortune 500 CEO survey, what concerns CEOs of the largest companies the most today? The happenings in Washington, DC. Reflecting the political divide we're presently in, the CEOs responses were pretty evenly split. About half described…

A Social Media Influencer

Stock Hammered by Influencer

Critical External Factors We live in a time when an off-handed tweet by a "celebrity," rather than a professional analyst, can drive down the market capitalization of a company (e.g., the recent controversy over the impact of an influencer's comment…

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