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Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest is a civilian demonstration that descends into violence: Civil Unrest is often called "civil disobedience" and "riots", depending…



Persecution/Politicide has cost the lives of millions of people globally: Politicide is political cleansing through government-sponsored mass killing of a…

Unattended Suitcase Depicting Terrorism


Terrorism is not abating and is now increasingly focused on economic targets: Terrorism can target specific businesses or industries (for…



Insurgencies today are not just in isolated areas, but increasingly in denser, more mature states: An insurgency is insurrection against…

Civil Conflict

Civil Conflict

Many states face Civil Conflicts over their history: There are Civil Conflicts raging now in 2019, and more are teetering…

Tank In Motion

Hot War

Hot Wars are often catastrophic to states, their people and their economies: A Hot War has open military hostilities, generally…

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