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Saving An Organization When Tradition Is Everything
[NOTE: Because of our strict NDAs protecting our clients, these cases do not include identity indicia. We never post a client situation that can strictly identify them or could adversely affect them.]

Client Situation

Our client, a scientific research organization, was existentially threatened by customer’s sudden changing interests, causing customer retention and revenue decay.

As this organization was in a downward spiral, we needed to stop the bleeding, get them healthy, and help them begin growing again.

Their greatest issue (and challenge in addressing their situations) was their absolute enforcement of their century-old business models. That made the organization unable to adapt to the new realities they faced.

How We Addressed This Challenge

Collin Tactical, Inc. does not attempt to force unwanted change on our clients. We meet requirements for addressing critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges given constraints on approaches through alternative and innovative strategies.

In this case, “change” was so prohibited that all we could do to stem their losses was remake their website from scratch. A ridiculous-sounding solution at first glance.

Clearly, this couldn’t be a typical website based on looks and functionality. It had to completely turn around the organization, while not changing any of the business models.

Like many of our engagements, based on myriad circumstances, this could seem like a situation with no solution.

Fortunately, we’ve yet to meet a critical situation we couldn’t address.

Immediately we empowered the client’s incredibly talented IT leader to create a complete system for connecting the client’s customers in entirely new ways, both topically and regionally.

We focused on creating and bringing together customers in ways social media and other typical Internet-based systems never could. We determined that their customers tend to work in isolation.

For the first time, we could create unity.

Client Success

The new system brought together customers in ways that attracted and retained them over time. The more involved they became, the more they benefited and the more dedicated to our client they became.

As our client leveraged that system, it moved the organization from a loss to growth, making a tremendous impact on both the top and bottom lines.

It stands as another example of how together we can address the most critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges, even with great constraints.

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Saving an Organization When Tradition is Everything

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