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Geopolitical Danger is not conventional “business interruption.”

It’s also not resilience that you can plan for. Things are likely not going to return to exactly the way you were before the situation occurred.

It is about addressing dangers to not just your top and bottom lines, but to your company’s ongoing operations.

In the case of Level 2 (kinetic) situations, it’s the safety of management and the people they manage.

The dangers may not just be affecting your company. They might also (or instead) be affecting your suppliers, customers, or other key stakeholders.

How We Help With Adaptation

Responding to geopolitical dangers always requires some adaptation to survive and succeed.

Businesses that do not adapt to the dangers, even for the short term, can suffer grave consequences to business operations, and potentially to life and property.

When adaptation must be done as part of a tactical response, it must be done with speed and great precision.

We work with you to find legal alternatives to adapt key parts of your business, including sales, operations, products, services, markets, marketing and more (a full list is below).

Importantly, we help you, your people and your important stakeholders with empathy and compassion, because we know responding to geopolitical dangers can be overwhelming and frightening.

Unlike other challenges, these situations affect people personally.

We don’t just show you a PowerPoint or and document and expect you to adapt on your own.

Our credo that we work and live by states it clearly:

We stand in front of you when it’s time to protect, beside you when it’s time to help, and behind you when you’re ready to move forward.™

About our Approach, System and Process

For adaptation, we utilize our unique MAC Process™.

That means high speed Modification, Addition, and Connection.

The MAC Process is about Tactical Protection and Response to Dangers in matters that are within the company’s control.

And with geopolitical dangers, giving you some control over your outcome is highly valuable and rare.

What is the MAC Process?

It’s a highly-refined and proven system of quickly adapting products, services and company functions to succeed in the face of immediate danger, while minimizing disruption and other negative impacts.

Examining the MAC Process:

High-Speed: This is a tactical process, which means it is (and must be) done fast. Both Level 1 (non-/less Kinetic) and Level 2 (Kinetic) dangers absolutely require high speed responses to prevent damage to the company, and potentially to its people.

Modification: To quickly adapt to challenges required by your geopolitical dangers and move forward successfully, we innovate solutions for unique minimal modifications to products, services and functions.

Addition: In the same manner, we investigate opportunities for adding something to products, services and functions to accommodate the geopolitical danger. Frequently this includes adding a new software component to your offering.

Connection: For minimal disruption we frequently find connecting an external product or services may be the quickest way to adapt to a danger. We seek out potential partners and providers that can quickly address your challenge.

The MAC Process can lead to permanent changes, be integrated into your modified strategy, or phased out over time depending on how your situation evolves.

Across virtually all business functions the MAC Process helps you adapt to Geopolitical Dangers quickly.

And we work within the realities (constraints and capabilities) and in consideration of your business’s culture and mission.

The MAC Process tactically addresses adaptation to these key areas as required:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative/Management
  • Board of Directors
  • Customer Relationship Management/Support/Service
  • Distribution
  • Employee Learning
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Human Resources Management
  • IT Management and Support/Software Development
  • Legal Department
  • Marketing, Digital+Traditional
  • Operations
  • Product Design and Development
  • Products, Current + Planned
  • Production
  • Public Affairs
  • Purchasing
  • Research and Development
  • Sales
  • Services, Current + Planned
  • Strategy Adjustments
  • Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Sourcing

The MAC Process was developed by Collin Tactical’s CEO at a prominent institute using the resources of Stanford University (Palo Alto, California, USA).

That process was instrumental in addressing terrorism and cyber threats for businesses, critical infrastructure, and governments globally.

It has been continually innovated, tested, refined and proven since.

It is a core and unique component Collin Tactical brings to all our clients, and for any geopolitical danger.

Questions about Adaptation? Please contact us.

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