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Collin Tactical works with you to reduce casualties, address causalities, stabilize communities and build economies globally.

Are you a government official? Please see our For Governments section to learn more about how we work together.

Tactical diplomacy is highly complex and nuanced, requiring more than publicity, communications or typical strategic expertise.

As opposed to lobbying efforts, our diplomatic work is tactical, focusing on speed to get our clients to safety in their business operations.

If this is a Level 2 (Kinetic) Danger, then the priority is protecting and saving your people’s lives.

We developed our unique Tactical Diplomacy that focuses on successful accomplishment of goals that benefit all three critical constituents:

  • our business clients
  • their governments
  • and the populace over which those governments must promote general welfare.

If foreign governments or other third parties are involved, we can consider applying our tactical diplomatic efforts with them as well.

We treat each party with respect and ensure our client’s situations are discussed in context with the greater issues governments face.

To succeed, these must be win-win-win outcomes, and done at speed.

We understand that your situation and location are unique. Our Tactical Diplomacy is likewise planned and executed specifically for you.

While our unique proven approach, process, systems and methods remain our core, our implementations are 100% customized to help ensure your success.

Background Success

Our work and successes have always been on issues facing both business and government, and the unique opportunities, challenges and responsibilities facing each.

We’ve applied our Tactical Diplomacy and guidance to government offices ranging from heads of state (including a previous President of the United States) through heads of federal agencies and local government units.

We also uniquely taught senior government officials on bridging government and business. In the U.S., we instructed senior officials of the Secret Service, ATF and other agencies at the U.S. Treasury Executive Institute, as well as the Department of State.

We’re very sensitive to the needs and issues of government agencies and the people that comprise their operations.

Please see our Operational Restrictions for important information on our Tactical Diplomacy.

Questions about Diplomacy? Please contact us.

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