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When a business can no longer safely operate due to Level 1 or Level 2 (Kinetic) Dangers, management may consider relocating the business elsewhere.

That area may be to a new a locality, nation or continent. Relocations are often complex and can be dangerous in Level 2 situations.

Complexity increases when the relocation includes the business’s people.

This is not simply “moving” — in our parlance, this is “relocation-extraction” because there can be forces that make relocation dangerous to property and potentially life during the process.

When the situation is that perilous, particularly with Level 2 Dangers, specialized support is required.

Fortunately we can help you obtain the logistical and protective assistance you’ll need to ensure the safety of your company, property and people.

As with all our services, we’ll work to ensure the relocation is as discreet as possible to help avoid any additional hazards.

Ongoing Operations: Maintaining business operations during the relocation-extraction also requires planning.

We can work with you to leverage various technologies to reduce the operational impact of your situation.

In all, when relocation-extraction is required, and your people and business are on the line, we can help you successfully make that transition safely, securely and discreetly.

Questions about Relocation/Extraction? Please contact us.

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