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First: Is human life at risk?

  • Is there a potential for danger from violence?
  • Is the danger currently in progress or imminent?

If so contact us and if possible we’ll provide an initial recommendation how to address the danger.

The greater the Level 2 Kinetic (Violent) Danger, the greater the need for Stabilization.

For a business to survive a Level 2 (Kinetic) Danger, its must be able to function without fear of severe or catastrophic harm to your:

  • people
  • property
  • ability to continue operations
  • ability to ship your products and service to your customers
  • ability to receive supply chain deliveries
  • ability to receive operational goods and services deliveries

Along with our Adaptation and Diplomacy services, Stabilization is vital when the potential for loss of lives, operations and property is a clear and present danger.

Advocacy, Diplomacy, Cooperation and Co-Mission Development

We work with appropriate agencies, organizations, companies and individuals to address the Level 2 (Kinetic) Dangers businesses face.

When stability services are required, we endeavor to have them provided with discretion.

Examples of potential partners (when safe and appropriate) in helping stabilize your Level 2 Danger:

  • State and Local Government(s) in diplomatic capacities, with their military and police organizations
  • Multiple governments in cases of multi-state conflict
  • Qualified Private Security Companies
  • Non-Government Security Organizations (partial list):
    • Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
    • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Counter-Terrorism Task Force
    • Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
    • Commonwealth Committee On Terrorism (CCT)
    • Commonwealth Of Independent States (Cis) Anti-Terrorism Centre (ATC)
    • Counterterrorism Action Group (CTAG) Of The G8
    • Counterterrorism Committee Of The League Of Arab States (Arab League)
    • Forum Regional Security Committee (FRSC) Of The Pacific Islands Forum
    • Galle Dialogue – International Maritime Conference
    • Gulf Of Aden Regional Counterterrorism Forum
    • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
    • International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)
    • International Maritime Organization
    • NATO-Russia Council (NRC) Ad-Hoc Working Group On The Terrorist Threat To The Euro-Atlantic Area(LMO)
    • United Nations/UN Peacekeeping


Questions about Stabilization? Please contact us.

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