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Terrorism Deployed as a Grey Zone Attack
Brings New Challenges

Terrorism is slowly being considered as a grey zone attack, challenging conventional thinking.

Terrorism can target specific businesses or industries (for example, attacking tanker ships) or businesses in general (for example, the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001 and myriad attacks in commerce sites around the world).

In these instances, lives are lost and many companies do not/cannot continue after the attack.

Short-of-war digitally-enabled tacks are playing a larger role. Our CEO pioneered the systems of (and coined the term) Cyberterrorism — the use of technologies to achieve deadly terrorism outcomes decades ago.

These are becoming realities today.

We’ll be announcing new Immediately-Actionable Presentations+Simulations for State Military, Departments, Agencies and Ministries on how terrorism will be re-purposed as a grey zone attack here.

Questions about terrorism and the grey zone? Contact us.


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