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Collin Tactical works to reduce casualties, address causalities, stabilize communities and build economies globally.

As Collin Tactical, Inc. helps states respond to grey zone attacks, it is important for governments to understand our adherence to domestic and international rules of law, our operational restrictions, and our dedication to our client states:

  • We understand what you face in today’s tumultuous domestic and international stages.
  • Collin Tactical, Inc. has its roots in support of strong, service-oriented governments.
  • A strong and service-oriented government helps ensure the safety, security and opportunity for the prosperity of its citizens.
  • We know state success can happen under multiple types of government structures.
  • As such we’re non-politically, religiously or ideological biased.
  • We do not ever seek to impose values, approaches or systems on any nation.
  • We never work to subvert governments on behalf of any third party.
  • Our Core: Government can not effectively be service-oriented in the face of grey zone attacks.
  • Our work is only to continually seek to help states respond to grey zone attacks in ways that are rapid, legal, efficient — and most importantly, effective.
  • We’re world-aware: we work to help states address their unique challenges and requirements placed on them by multitudes of constituents, both domestic and foreign, direct and indirect, and both in and outside their control.

Communications Accessibility and Reliability

Communications can be challenging in times of conflict. This is particularly true when grey zone attacks affect data channels.

Collin Tactical employs multiple, redundant satellite communications systems as backups to reach you.

This helps ensure we are always within contact during your situation.

Operational Security Approach

Our unique approach and methods of Guidance and Presentation+Simulation maximize your security by removing exposure.

Since 1996 we have applied our unique approach to successfully inform, advise and train military, intelligence, diplomatic, executive and legislative organizations without requesting access to classified information.

Note: For voice and data communications and storage, we use government-grade and certified (including NATO) systems when possible. Some software export restrictions may apply, so alternative systems acceptable to you may be used.

Details on these systems will be provided at engagement.

We operate multi-nationally. Please see our Operational Restrictions.

Collin Tactical is a Rapid Response Organization

Schedule a Secure and No-Cost Initial Discussion

Note: Collin Tactical can only work with properly authorized representatives of non-OFAC sanctioned states.

See our operational restrictions.

Trust and Security

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