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Because Grey Zone Attacks Require Specialized Knowledge and Action, Quickly.
And that’s what Collin Tactical Provides.

  1. Collin Tactical, Inc. uniquely helps State Military, Departments, Agencies and Ministries quickly respond to today’s operational, human and security impacts of grey zone attacks.
  2. From the trade and political dangers to terrorism and war, we help your state continue operations and stay safe.
  3. We help you rapidly respond to your grey zone attacks with unique, proven and continually refined Unique Expertise and Immediately-Actionable Presentations+Simulations.
  4. While our focus is on helping governments adapt and respond to grey zone attacks, we also focus on the well-being of your people and your global constituencies.
  5. We provide fast, assertive solutions to protect country and people. We do not waste time in ponderous or theoretical “consultant-speak.”
  6. Our track record in accurately predicting key technology, government and private sector intersection targets in the grey zone, particularly with dangerous issues, is 100%.
    • Our forecasts 25+ years ago on technology and terrorism remain exactly true, and continue as the foundation for most critical infrastructure and life-affecting industries security planning today.
    • Note that predicting technology development is challenging over months — let alone 100% accuracy over decades. No one else comes close.
  7. We maintain a small footprint as well; we do not send in large groups of beginners.
    • A small footprint also means greater discretion and fewer opportunities for leaks and points of failure.
  8. We are proven drivers on how to make things happen fast and under pressure.
  9. Our Chief Response Architect was an instructor and adviser at multiple U.S. government training centers:
    • Air Force Special Operations School
    • Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
    • Treasury Executive Institute
    • Naval Amphibious Base (U.S. Navy SEALs)
    • See his bio here.
  10. We focus on protecting our clients and their information.

Who We Are and Who We’re Not

  • We are not a risk assessor, conventional consulting outfit, government contractor, private military company or “armchair analyst.”
    • We are specifically focused on and uniquely qualified to help you quickly, directly, and assertively respond to the increasing and unique impacts of grey zone attacks.
  • We do not simply provide a PowerPoint and walk away.
    • We do work with you throughout the entire process.
  • We do not bill by the hour, like consulting companies. Hourly billing impedes open communication and performance levels

We are there to enable your response, because strong states grow communities and support economies.

Questions about engagement? Contact us.

Why Engage Us

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