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When You’re Accountable for the Outcome, Getting the Right Specialist Matters.

1. Our Disruptive, Turbulent, Fast Moving, Unstable, Tumultuous, Constantly Changing Time

However you describe our time, demands facing senior leadership increasingly draw focus to growth (potentially globally), disruption, innovation, regulation, cultural and consumer change, digital transformation, talent acquisition, diversification, global competition… and now increasingly domestic and global political issues.

With these mounting requirements for change, time and additional focus, our time is perhaps one of the worst to face a critical obstacle or situation.

2. Getting the Right Help is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

CXOs, owners and leaders are experts in leadership, operations, marketing, finance and all the other elements of running a successful company.

But there are invariably unique situations — external and often unexpected — that require expertise not found in leadership training.

Yet leaders are the very people who are accountable for the outcome of those situations.

Without the right assistance, critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges can damage the business beyond repair.

In the same way a successful medical doctor knows when to call a medical specialist, knowing when to get the right help is a sign of strength and integrity — not of weakness.

Collin Tactical, Inc. is the specialist in addressing critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges. We bring the missing pieces required by companies in unusual and intense times.

Company leadership receives the benefits of our proven approach, methods, systems and tools, helping them address their toughest circumstances.

From their stakeholder’s perspectives, that’s a strong and positive action to take.

3. Preventing Loss of CEO/CXO Productivity

Without help, senior leadership can easily become completely engulfed with unusual high-speed challenges. That can cause normal operations can fail.

This is not just a productivity issue. That loss of involvement in day-to-day leadership duties will negatively impact the company.

That can potentially create a cascading effect that can cause even greater damage to a company.

Beyond our unique strategy and tactics based on decades of research and addressing such situations, our specialized execution helps senior leadership continue with their current overly-packed task lists.

During intense times, no balls can be dropped. We help ensure not one falls on your watch.

4. Staffs are Specialized and Lean

More workplaces today struggle to get just the right number of workers with just the right skills — and retain them.

That means everyone wears many hats, and are stretched thinly.

Focusing on successfully executing to meet daily requirements is already more than a full-time task.

Without help, expectations — particularly key performance indicators — won’t be achieved.

That multiplies the disruptiveness and danger of critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges.

And no business can afford that.

5. Preventing the Flame of Blame

The typical Buck-Stops-Here perspective in companies and markets means each critical obstacle or situation is blamed on the leader, no matter where or how the situation originated.

Unaddressed, the situations become a crisis of “Fan the Flames of Blame” by customers, shareholders, the media, government — at times even the Board.

While taking on responsibility and risk is part of being a senior leader, preventing the need to call in a crisis PR company is vital to all stakeholders.

Preventing a crisis is always preferable to dealing with one.

That’s why Collin Tactical, Inc. addresses critical unplanned, time-sensitive challenges expeditiously to prevent them from turning into existential crises for both the company and the CEO.

Because when it’s all about effectively addressing these circumstances and not about finger-pointing, everyone does their best work. And challenges get addressed effectively.

And for leadership and all stakeholders, that’s always a priority.

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